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Building a Community
For Farmers,
By Farmers

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Connection is Important!

Join our Farmer Community

Your one-stop destination for all things about farming information. Looking for a community of like-minded farmers? Have questions you want answered? Do you simply want a share of all the verified and ready-made information relevant to farmers in the Caribbean? All it takes is  👇

Why Join Us
Image by Allec Gomes

Why Join Us?

I'm glad you asked!

Access Expert Knowledge

We are building a farmer community that includes agriculture experts from around the world. We partner with agronomists at the University of the West Indies, SAWBO, Sprout Open Content, University of Guelph,
EastWest Seed Knowledge and YOU!

For Farmers, by Farmers!

Our goal is to bring you access to the information that YOU need. Our safe community network will serve as a meeting place for you and all your farming peers!
You can ask and answer questions, create collaborations and build community trust.

A Community for Opportunity

farming is tough
rows of greens_edited.jpg
rows of greens_edited.jpg

Farming can be tough sometimes
- we understand.

As small-scale farmers you face numerous challenges every day.
It’s difficult to get timely information on climate adaptation and find the necessary funding.
Or, know where to get up-to-date solutions for the diseases and pests affecting your crops or livestock…and much more.
That’s why we’re here. We connect you with each another and the power of knowledge 

About the App

What You'll Be Getting


We are Ready for You to Connect!

  • Access to our free digital library and videos.

  • Easy sign up with your email address.

  • A safe digital community space



Answers to Your Questions

  • We’re a user-centred community. That means we put you first.

  • Want to know more about climate adaptation? It’s on there.

  • Worried about pests? Just tell us what you need, and you will receive answers.

Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Farmers Say
Image by Eline Somers

Our Farmers Say:

It would be nice to have an agriculture platform so all Caribbean farmers could link with one another to exchange knowledge, instead of searching and searching the internet.

- Grenada

The number one problem standing in the way of farmers achieving sustainable success is lack of knowledge in capacity building and agribusiness development.

- St. Lucia

Agriculture requires investment, not only in facilities but people. We need technology that supports

farmer organization, information sharing and transfer of knowledge on agribusiness and markets.

- Trinidad & Tobago

Well, what are you waiting for?

Join our Farmer Community
Because we connect Farmers with one another and the power of knowledge!

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