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Redefining Caribbean Agriculture through Community

Building a Community
for Farmers, by Farmers

Our Vision

Our Vision

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Support Caribbean Farmers

With Farmer.Community digital knowledge sharing platform, our main goal is to provide free and readily accessible information.
This free digital farmer's network will support positive, measurable impact in the lives of small-scale farmers throughout the Caribbean.

Create a Connected Community

Community is a pillar of innovation.
At CaribFarm, we seek to connect farmers across the Caribbean Islands with one another, fostering trust, creating community and sharing answers to their questions.

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Digitalization of Knowledge Sharing

In conjunction with the 2022 Caribbean & UN World Food Program, we raise attention to climate change and provide farmers with the necessary climate-smart information to enable them to quickly adapt.

Access to
sustainable farming methods directly from farmers and agriculture experts

About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

We aim to empower small-scale farmers with information, leading the way in global digital agriculture transformation. Food security is a topic that everyone needs to be aware of. Carib.Farm is an organisation that works toward raising awareness. We give farmers the opportunity to make informed decisions about farming practices, agribusiness, crop and livestock production.

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Our Story

Lack of adequate climate-smart farming information is a widespread problem. With an unsustainable ratio of farmers to agricultural extension support, Caribbean farmers experience this lack of information more acutely than most.

As the manager of her small family farm in the Caribbean, Founder Laura Macneil experienced this issue first-hand. It was through these challenges that her passion to find a digital solution was born.
As a start-up, CaribFarm has received local and international attention. In 2021 CaribFarm participated in the UN Food Systems Summit and 2022 as finalist in the Female Founders Competition.
Carib.Farm will launch in the Caribbean, collaborating with agriculture experts and industry stakeholders, with the goal to scale across the ACP regions


We are building a Community
For Farmers, By Farmers

Why share our Purpose

1. Become integral to farming growth and innovation.

2. Be at the forefront of digital technology, contributing to positive global impact

3. Contribute to improving the livelihoods of farmers, their families and their communities.

Meet the Team


Paul Han

Team Project Manager


Arianne Lezetc

Community Engagement


Pablo Carranza 



Katie Miles

Small Farming Advisor


Marissa Angeles

Web Developer


Catherine Hepp

Subject Matter Expert


Graeme Halliday-Gunn

Community Engagement

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Laura Macneil


Partner With Us

Collaborate With Us

Carib.Farm digital solution supports multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Want to partner with us? Offer your support? Have an idea to share?

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We'd love to hear from you!
Our Supporters

Our Supporters

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